Building Engineering & Studies

Building Engineering & Studies

  • Building evaluations, facility audits, and space utilization studies have been a significant part of the services offered by our team for the past 32 years. When evaluating existing conditions, we look for safety and compliance, and to improve the systems saving energy and money. We believe our methods, such as developing a strategic plan involving and including all of the building's systems, are the best available for the development of building assessment studies.

  • To provide the client with best project possible, Ames Associates has worked with many excellent consultants with whom we have developed close and strong working relationships. When consultants are used, Ames Associates will assemble the project management and design team to fit each project and client individually.



Plumbing & HVAC Engineering

  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Sanitary and Sewer Systems Design
  • Storm Drainage

Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical/Water Systems Design
  • Facility Assessment
  • Systems Analysis and Upgrades
  • Energy Management Consulting


  • Power Systems
  • Lighting Design
  • Communications/Network Systems
  • Security and Fire Protection Systems